Create safe and productive work environments

A healthy work environment is a prerequisite for productivity. Sadly, 15,6% of employees has to deal with unwanted behaviour at work on a daily basis.

Sexual intimidation, aggression and violence, bullying, and discrimination.

The impact is enormous for both employee and company. However, in the majority of cases, the problem goes unnoticed.

Thee economic impact of unwanted behaviour in the workplace is enormous. According to TNO and the CBS, the annual costs to the Dutch economy alone amount to approximately €2,3 billion.

Almost 16% of people experience unwanted behaviour at work on a daily basis 

Unwanted behaviour generally lasts for between 12 and 47 months. Most victims do not speak up out of fear or shame.

During this period, victims suffer from psychological effects such as sleep deprivation, diminished concentration and productivity, depression, and anxiety disorders. 

This can eventually lead to an increase in absenteeism through burn outs, even PTSD, and an increase in employee turnover.


 25% of employees who suffer from unwanted behaviour on a regular basis eventually quit their jobs either voluntarily, involuntarily, or end up in a costly outplacement trajectory. 

BLUE FENIKS From now on, employees can voice incidents of unwanted behaviour in a simple and safe way.

The impact on organisations is enormous. A loss of productivity, an unhealthy work atmosphere, diminished employee motivation, high costs associated with absenteeism and turnover, loss of knowledge and experience, liability claims, and damage to company image.

BLUE FENIKS Employees are committed when they feel valued and empowered

Levels of employee commitment can dramatically increase when employees feel safe, empowered and in control of their work environment.

Blue Feniks allows employees to take control over their work environment and report unwanted behaviour and dangerous situations safely and easily.

Employees can choose whom to share their dossiers with for safe and efficient conflict resolution and mitigation of dangerous situations.

The BLUE FENIKS platform is the way to identify and mitigate unwanted behaviour at work

Your own dossier

The Blue Feniks app enables employees to easily report unwanted behaviour.

The app is a voluntary service that employees can use as a starting point to create a more pleasant company culture.

Employees can choose whom to share their dossiers with for safe and efficient conflict resolution and mitigation of dangerous situations.


Blue Feniks makes it easy to comply with relevant legislation such as the Arbo requirements regarding  psychosocial workload (PSA) and whistleblower policy.

Prevent unnecessary fines and legal liability costs.

Company culture

The Blue Feniks platform empowers your employees. Employees are enabled to actively contribute to a healthy and productive work environment.

Get reliable insights in your company culture and the possibility to actively steer and improve performance.

BLUE FENIKS empowers your employees!  

SAFE AT WORK is effective in preventing, identifying and mitigating unwanted behaviour in the workplace, resulting in well-functioning organisations and an enormous reduction in cost

Employer benefits

  • Early detection
  • Prevention
  • Compliance with relevant legislation on Psycho-social workload
  • Compliance met Burgerlijk Wetboek (Algemene wet gelijke behandeling, strafrecht)
  • Drastically diminish absenteeism and turnover
  • Better-functioning organisations
  • Support in dismissal procedures
  • Company insight
  • Enormous cost reduction
  • Better company image
  • Diversity & Inclusion

BLUE FENIKS empowers your employees!