Have you ever asked your employees if they are happy?
Ask them if there is anything you can do to make them happier.
Want to increase your profit with happy employees?
Are you unhappy at your work or don't feel you count?

Does Employee Happiness have an Impact on Productivity?

Employee Happiness has a significant positive Impact on Company Health*


Increased Productivity


Decrease in Absenteeism


Lower Burnout Rate


Less Employee Turnover


Higher Profits

* Scientifically proven

Workplace Stress: a Silent Threat to Employee Health and Productivity

Job Stress can lead to Poor Health and Injury

Stress in the workplace can have physical or psychosocial causes.
Physical stressors may include deficiencies in office or workplace layout, unhealthy working postures, lack of daylight, and excessive noise levels. These factors are the most straightforward to tackle.

Then there are the psychosocial factors, such as too high or even too low job demands, low levels of control, unfavourable working hours, job insecurity, and unwanted behaviour such as bullying, aggression and violence, sexual intimidation and discrimination.

All of these workplace stressors have an adverse effect both on the wellbeing of employees as well as on performance and productivity levels, product or service quality and eventually company image.

16% Experiences unwanted behaviour at work

Sexual intimidation





Extra days of absenteeism

On average, absence is 6,5 days. Whereas for employees suffering from workplace harassment, it is 20 days. In case where employees have pshchological complaints, absence can be as much 59 days.
(CBS, employee sickness absence, 2019)

A burnout lasts for 8 months on average

Workplace Stress has detrimental Effects on Mental Health

Unwanted behaviour such as bullying, aggression and violence, sexual intimidation and discrimination has a profound impact on the emotional and physical wellbeing of employees.

In cases where employees have psychological complaints, absence can be as much as 59 days.

Workplace harassment related absenteeism accounts for 4.000.000 extra days of absenteeism in the Netherlands alone, costing companies around €2,3 billion every year.


Quit their job

Costing companies €2.3 billion every year

Blue Feniks
Enterprise Edition


Report Unwanted Behaviour


Report Dangerous Situations


Report Near Accidents


Identify Work Needs


Manage Ideas

Create safe and inclusive work environments

A person can only thrive and do their best work when they feel safe and valued. That’s why we have developed a solution that lays the foundation for healthy and productive work environments based on physical and psychological safety.

Employees are encouraged to share reports of incidents, near-incidents, dangerous situations, as well as any unwanted behaviour in the workplace they or their colleagues face. In addition, there is a space to share work related needs and ideas.

This way, everybody can contribute to a healthy, productive and positive work environment.

The SAFE AT WORK app creates better work environments

Share reports
The Blue Feniks app enables employees to easily report unwanted behaviour.

The app is a voluntary service that employees can use as a starting point to create a more pleasant company culture.

Employees can choose whom to share their dossiers with for safe and efficient conflict resolution and mitigation of dangerous situations.

Ideas for improvement are easily shared and communicated with the relevant people in your organisation.

Blue Feniks empowers your employees


Create a safe culture which allows for fewer incidents

Company insights

Get insights into your company’s health, job commitment, and productivity. Monitor and steer company culture.

Early detection

Detect issues before they arise


Comply with relevant legislation on Psychosocial Workload and Whistleblower Policy

Effectively solving

Solve issues and incidents in a more effective way

Reduce costs

Reduce costs related to workplace harassment, absenteeism and turnover

About Blue Feniks

We are passionate about creating great places to work

Every individual has a unique configuration in terms of perspective and skills they bring to the table. Research shows that diversity and inclusion in the workplace lead to better decision making, more innovation and outperformance of industry norms by as much as 35%.

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Blue Feniks empowers your employees