Comply with relevant legislation such as the Arbo requirements regarding  psychosocial workload (PSA) and whistleblower policy. Prevent unnecessary fines and legal liability costs.

Arbo legislation – psychosocial workload

Since 1994, bullying and sexual intimidation are covered by Arbo legislation. This means, that employers are not only obliged to prevent and monitor psychosocial workload, but to take active measures in order to safeguard employees from unwanted behaviour such as sexual intimidation, bullying, aggression and violence, and discrimination.  

Algemene Wet Gelijke Behandeling (AWGB)

If an employee is being discriminated based on their religion, faith, political views, race, gender, nationality, sexual inclination, or marital status, they are also protected by the Law “Wet Gelijke Behandeling.” 

In such cases, employees can file complaints to the Institute for Human Rights. Of course, as a company, one would rather prevent such escalations, and be able to identify and solve potential problems and claims.

Arbo legislation – whistleblower policy

Every company with fifty or more employees is obliged to have a procedure in place for reporting (suspicion of) misconducts.

A whistleblower policy is required for the prevention of fraude and misuse of public funds and goods, as well as for the prevention of situations that may potentially harm the (mental) health of employees or other individuals.

Burgerlijk Wetboek – article 7:658

An employer can be deemed liable for the costs associated with employee turnover associated with psychosocial workload. Liability damages resulting from mental or physical damage to an employee, including expense payments for loss of income, legal and medical costs, are known to substantial.